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Real Time Product Performance Testing

With many thousands of new security threats emerging daily, Consumers, SMBs and Enterprises are continuously attacked by both existing and new threats which are at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It's a non-stop barrage of complex threats targeting vital consumer and business information.

In assessing the relative merits of security products and services, it's important to gather information on the performance of those technologies to support any kind of buying decision. Hence, product performance data is a critical component in evaluating one product against another.

Given the nature of today's security threats, their attack vectors, and behaviour profiles, West Coast Labs' Real Time Product Performance Testing is a vital information system that reports on the performance capability of security products and services 24x7x365.

This programme comprises a range of continuous, live tests against threats identified and collected in real-time, 24x7, around the world and across multiple attack vectors. The live reports you can access through this website confirm product performance capabilities in real-time.

It is a unique service for Consumers, SMBs and Enterprises alike who seek a high level of independent validation on real-world product performance.

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